Aya Cash will not return to the third season of ‘The Boys’

Boys star Aya Cash said she won’t be back for a third season.

The actress, who played the supervillain Stormfront in the second season, said that she was not told about the new contract for the next episodes.

“I want to know if she’s coming back, too,” Cash said Entertainment Weekly when asked about the fate of her character.

The third season is now being filmed, and Cash explained that she is currently filming another project somewhere else.

“I am not there now. I’m on a new Fox show now This country, “she said. My contract for Boys it was only a year, so who knows? Maybe I can have a CGI face. “

Boys showrunner Eric Kripke said last year that Stormfront could return later though, as the character is immortal.

“She’s not dead,” Kripke said TheWrap. “She’s a Stumpfront now.” You know, there are no comments on whether he will return, but it will forever be this mutilated, stubborn little Nazi, which we considered a real punishment for someone who so believed in Aryan purity. “

In the show of the second season of four stars Boys, NME said: “Boys perhaps the most adult superhero show on TV, but with its hotly anticipated return it proves to be the most entertaining as well. “