Award-winning co-op ‘KeyWe’ is coming to the X series, PS5, switches this summer

Three years later, an impressive number of multi-purpose co-op games tried to capture the compulsive chaos Overcooked series, but have achieved limited success and longevity. However, the small indie outfit has confirmed the release of its own debut, offering a unique and compelling premise that in 2021 could win the couch a shared crown for multiple players.

American developer Stonewheat & Sons discovered it KeyWe, its eccentric, award-winning “mail confuser,” will land during the summer of 2021 on the Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One, PS4 and PS5, as well as the Nintendo Switch; its digital release on PC via Steam will also go according to plan.

KeyWe see you grab the cloak of Jeff and Debra, two little kiwi birds from the fictional land of Bungalow Basin, who need to type telegrams, send urgent messages, and send packages. Since they are flightless, the two of them have to jump, peck, clap and “hit their butts” around their village cabin which is filled with handles, bells, buttons, vending machines with straps, endless distractions and the occasional octopus in a bucket, because why not.

Although the whole premise seems to have been developed the other way around after its creators opted for a solid, full-game name, KeyWe has already proven to have goods, picking up the gong for Best Family Game at the Gamescom 2020 Awards – beating both Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s time i Ary and the secret of the seasons ask for a reward.

KeyWeStrengths can lie in his couch and online co-op game, but it also promises strong single-player action in style Brothers: The story of two sons: Players can control both Jeff and Debra on one controller.

The game’s announcement seems to promise a gradually growing world of difficulty with a proven formula – as well as endless customization – but KeyWe it also teases the evolving cabin environment, risking increasingly challenging weather and other distasteful leisure-related tasks.

Joel Davis, KeyWeThe artist and animator explained: “We will flood the excitement to announce KeyWe for consoles. It has always been our goal to bring KeyWe as many players as possible, so we are thrilled that players on all major consoles and computers will experience the fun and misfortune of Telepost in the bungalow pool on the first day. “

Although it has yet to appear in Microsoft, PlayStation and Nintendo stores, KeyWe can be added to Steam wish lists, while your Twitter account is the one to follow for news.