Avoiding corruption, the governor of Gombe calls on the newly elected presidents of LG – Punch Newspapers

Chima Azubuike, Gombe

Gombe Governor Inuwa Yahaya has warned newly opened local government presidents to stay away from corruption.

Yahaya, issued a stern warning Monday, taking the oath of 11 local government presidents.

He said, “Let me reiterate that our government will not tolerate corruption under any guise. Therefore, you must all strive to live above the levels and ensure transparency in the performance of your duties.

“I order you to be honest, impartial and fair to all citizens, regardless of political or cultural differences. The relative peace and harmony that reigns in the state must be jealously guarded.

“As agents of change at the local level, you are expected to present constructive and feasible ideas for the development and transformation of your local governments. I beg you to use your rich experience to move our local governments quickly and provide much-needed dividends of democracy to our people. “

In her remarks at this event, the chairperson, Billiri Local Government, who is the only woman among the chairpersons, Ms. Margaret Bitrus, said, “I look forward to starting development projects with a key focus on women in local government and states. “