Arsenal transfer news: Barcelona interested in signing unsuitable defender as Gerard Pique

Barcelona may be one of the biggest clubs in the world, but sometimes they just don’t behave like that.

The Spanish giants dominated European football under Pep Guardiola, while Lionel Messi broke records left, right and center as the spear of an simply extraordinary team.

Since then, however, the club has been in constant decline and now they look like a shadow of that powerful Guardiola winning machine that has been so shaped with love.

After a series of embarrassing knockouts in the Champions League and now struggling to keep up in La Liga, something has to change at Barça.

Usually the strategy would be to reduce the GDP of a small developing nation to buy a new superstar, but this time they may just be looking for another tactic.

This is because today, according to the Daily Mail, there was news that the Catalan club is interested in Arsenal defender Shkodra Mustafi.


Yes, you read that right.

The revolver player is actually collecting desirable views of future powers in Barcelona.

It comes just days after rumors began circulating that the Spanish club was weighing in on a move for Hector Bellerino.

Isolated, this seems like a movement, but the bizarre purchase of rather obscure players has become a bit of a Barca trend lately.

Who can forget the infamous Thomas Thomas Vermaelen? Or the unusual move of former Middlesborough man Martin Braithwaite to Camp Nou?

If believing Mustafi’s agent and Barca is interesting, it’s just another indication of how wild their recruitment process has really become.


At best, Mustafi is a fringe player for Arsenal – a club that is involved in their worst season of any age.

He did little to change anyone’s mind with his performance against Manchester City on Tuesday night as the unfortunate Gunners sent in four simple goals.

Sometimes you have to wonder what goes head to head with big wigs in Barcelona, ​​but hey, maybe they know something we don’t.

Given that Gerard Pique was injured by a long-term injury, the Spanish side is in the position of defender, but Mustafi is certainly not the answer.

There must be a reason they are asking for the signing of an outdated German language, but for life we ​​can’t think what that might be.

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