Arsenal are in danger of relegation, says Allardyce – Punch News from West Brom

West Brom manager Sam Allardyce on Wednesday scoffed at old rival Arsenal by claiming that combat gunners are threatening relegation.

Arsenal are in 15th place in the Premier League after the worst start to the league season from 1974-75.

Mikel Arteta’s team is just four points above the relegation zone, and Manchester City knocked out 4-1 in the League Cup quarter-finals on Tuesday.

Albion is second from below with seven points, five advantages, and hosts Arsenal on January 2 in what Allardyce believes is a crucial relegation showdown.

Asked if he considers Arsenal a rival in the fight to avoid a fall, Allardyce said, “If they are currently in the top eight, yes, absolutely.

“They have won only one in the last 10 or so, and it seems that their great results have arrived in the European League.

“And of course we will be beaten again last night (Tuesday), even though he is not in the league, as is the case with our players, he draws the self-confidence of Arsenal players, of course he will.

“Because they’re going to wonder what hit them, why they’re down there and what they’re going to need to get out of that position.”

Allardyce often went to war with former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger whenever his teams faced gunners.

A veteran of several successful rebounds to avoid relegation in his long managerial career, Allardyce is confident he can save West Brom, potentially to the detriment of Arsenal.

“I know what it takes, I hope I can convince the players to respond to what I say needs to get out of it, and I hope we can press Arsenal when we play because they lack confidence and try to beat them – or whatever who in the eighth, ”Allardyce said.