Arrested 50 armed cattle breeders, the NSCDC claims robbery, kidnapping and others

Nigerian Security and Civil Defense Corps operatives have arrested at least 50 armed shepherds in the past week, NSCDC Commander-in-Chief Dr. Ahmed Audi.

He added that the suspects were arrested in Ekiti, Born, Cross River and other states, saying that they were allegedly involved in robbery, kidnapping and rustling of cattle.

Audi revealed this while presenting licenses to 17 private security workers in Abuja on Wednesday.

Montenegro stressed the need for synergies among security agencies, noting that the security challenges facing the state can only be addressed through intelligence sharing.

He said, “The nation is hit by a very serious security crisis, and that is an asymmetric war. If you want to tackle this decisively, you need to synergize with all stakeholders, in terms of credible intelligence.

“We arrested 50 illegally armed cattle breeders and realized that some of them were whispering cattle and also kidnapping. Armed cattlemen have been arrested across the federation – some in Ekitia, Borno, Cross River State.

“You know that part of our mandate is to resolve disputes between livestock and farmers, and also to provide some security protection to our agro-allied investments in the country.”

According to Audi, the arrest of the armed shepherds was an indication of his determination to set the corps up for optimal delivery in his key term.

Audi has warned private security workers not to adopt ranks or other equipment used by the military and other security agencies.

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