Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Makeup Terminator 2 made his daughter cry

During a gathering of a kindergarten police officer, Arnold Schwarzenegger recalls his daughter’s negative reaction to a visit to Terminator 2.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s most famous character traumatized his young daughter on the set of the film Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Another film in Terminator the franchise was a critical and commercial success that managed to overshadow the original. The film starring Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton, Robert Patrick and Edward Furlong has won several Oscars and is still considered one of the best sequels of all time.

Judgment Day to reshape Schwarzenegger’s negative Terminator from the first film as the hero and protector of John Connor (Furlong). Sarah Connor (Hamilton) becomes a reluctant ally with the Terminator Model 101 as they fight to save John from the more advanced T-1000 model and save John’s future as resistance leaders against Skynet, an artificial intelligence that will eventually cause an apocalypse. James Cameron Terminator 2 it is often considered the best film in the franchise, with a film featuring an abundance of emotion, action and amazing special effects sequences. Makeup and special effects entertained the film for the audience, but Schwarzenegger’s daughter felt different.

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Schwarzenegger crashed on Wednesday Yahoo‘s Kindergarten Cop gathering with the cast of the former children and thinking about how his own children would react to the filming. He reminded that mostly children with his wife Maria Shriver liked to watch him in action on the set of his big-budget films – except for his daughter Katherine, who “was always the first few movies cried.” He said:

Maria would come out on set if we were in the middle of a shooting at Terminator 2. And so she saw me when half her face was gone and her eye lit up and all that. All this weird makeup, so she started screaming and crying on set because she didn’t understand why Dad looked like that.

Terminator 2 completion - Arnold Schwarzenegger as T-800

The former California governor joked that “never, never thought“that Katherine would grow up to marry an actor, based on her utterly negative reaction when she saw her father at work. As it turned out, that wasn’t the case because Katherine grew up to marry her action star: Chris Pratt. Couple married in 2019, and this year he had his first child together. Schwarzenegger expressed enthusiasm for the developments, calling Pratt “a wonderful husband and such a great son-in-law. “

Elsewhere at the gathering, Schwarzenegger praised his younger peers and credited them with helping him prepare for paternity. Coincidentally, Shriver gave birth to Katherine shortly before production began Kindergarten Cop. He also shared his memories of the famous “It’s not a tumor“The line. According to Schwarzenegger, children would burst when he delivered the line, even as the big scary man would shout it. He remembered being told by director Ivan Reitman,”If the kids laugh the way you sound, then I think the audience will laugh too. “

Schwarzenegger certainly had the right idea for what made the comedy so enduring. Ironically, it also did Kindergarten Cop the job was to place an actor known for his role as a terrifying villain (the kind that would make a child cry) in a room full of children. Honestly, according to his daughter, Katherine Schwarzenegger couldn’t have been more than a year old when she visited her father on set Terminator 2: Judgment Day; it makes sense to cry!

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Source: Yahoo

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