Armed assailants attack another police facility in Im, kidnapping police – Channel Television

Photograph of a police officer file in a stationary patrol van.

Gunmen attacked another police station in the state of Imo late Wednesday, sources confirmed to Television Television.

The headquarters of the Mbieri Police Department located in the Mbaitoli local government area in the state of Imo was the latest victim.

The attack on Mbieri station is the seventh police station attacked by gunmen in the state of Imo between January and April, which includes an attack on the headquarters of the Imo state police command on Monday.

According to sources, armed men vandalized the police building and released the suspects in custody.

They reportedly arrived late Wednesday night with sophisticated weapons and occasionally fired before approaching a police station.

About two police officers were injured and another was abducted.

The Imo State Police Command confirmed the incident.

Spokesman Orlando Ikeokwu said that although the Mbieri police station was attacked very late Wednesday night, police officers on duty repulsed the attackers.

Ikeokwu said one of the officers is still listed as missing, while two were injured and are being treated at a nearby hospital.

He also confirmed that some suspects in police custody had been released.

‘Accused aggrieved politicians’

Meanwhile, Imo Governor Nada Uzodinma blamed the injured politicians for the recent attack on security facilities in the state, saying their goal was to destabilize his government and the government of President Muhammad Buhari.

He said this on Wednesday during an interview on Channels television Politics today, three days after gunmen stormed Nigerian penitentiary and police headquarters in Imo State, releasing an unspecified number of prisoners.

Asked if the tragic incident was a direct attack on his government, the government answered in the affirmative.

He explained that security agencies had gathered intelligence on the sponsors of the perpetrators and their planning that led to the attack on government institutions on Monday.

Photo of the file of the Governor of the State of Imo, Nade Uzodinme.

“It’s not just my government, it’s my government and the federal government. We have credible evidence leading to those who paid for the nonsense, where and how they met. Security agencies are already working with that information, ”he said.

“Some people are trying to sponsor a synchronized national crisis to bring Muhammad Bukhari’s government into disrepute, otherwise tell me why these things are happening at this time, especially in Imo, the APC state.

“People are sponsoring those people. Some of them already caught gave confessions. I will forward my report to the central government. ”

Armed assailants who broke into security agencies on April 5 set fire to the facilities.

During the attack, one person suspected of being an escaped prisoner was hit by a bullet carrying a travel bag.

His lifeless body was visibly seen on the ground in front of the correctional center.

Armed assailants also leveled the headquarters of the Imo State Police Command located in Owerri and burned almost all vehicles parked at the command headquarters.

They were told they worked from 1:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., during which they sang solidarity songs at the Government House roundabout for about 30 minutes before attacking the facilities.