Arjun Rampal, “Without COVID”, now shares how he “recovered so quickly”

Arjun Rampal,

Arjun Rampal shared this photo. (Image courtesy: rampal72)


  • “God was good,” wrote Arjun Rampal
  • “Thank you all for your love and best wishes,” he added
  • “Stay positive and don’t become positive,” he added

New Delhi:

Actor Arjun Rampal is now without COVID. The 48-year-old actor shared in a post on Instagram on Thursday that he took two COVID tests and the results are negative. Arjun, who shared his coronavirus diagnosis on Sunday, also revealed how he “recovered so quickly” in his post. “Without COVID, two tests, both negative. God was kind,” the actor wrote in the title, adding that because he took the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine, he recovered quickly, according to doctors. “One of the main reasons why the doctors told me that I recovered so quickly was that I took the first dose of the vaccine, making the viral load very small, without symptoms,” he wrote.

The actor also called on his fans to make vaccines as soon as possible and respect all safety measures. He wrote: “I would urge everyone to get vaccinated as soon as possible and continue to take all safety precautions. Thank you all for your love and best wishes. Be positive and don’t become positive. Be confident, be smart. And this will pass. Love and light.”

Read Arjuna Rampala’s post here:

Arjun Rampal tested positive for coronavirus earlier this week. He shared a statement on Instagram that read: “Although I am asymptomatic, I have isolated myself and am in quarantine at home. (I am getting) the necessary medical care. I am following all the protocols that are required of me. for a short period of time, it will bring long-term benefits. Together we can and will fight the Corona. “

While recovering from COVID-19, Arjun shared an insight into his quarantine life:

Arjun Rampal was seen in the web series The final call.