Aries DC Raheem Morris strives for the ring, not defense no

The Rams were carried by their defense in 2020, which ranked first in points and yards allowed in Brandon Staley’s first year as defense coordinator. Since then, Staley has become the Charger’s head coach, opening the door for Raheem Morris to enter the position of Rams ’new defense coordinator.

It inherits an extraordinary defense that should be great again in 2021, depending on how serious the losses are in free freedom. But Morris doesn’t tend to have the Rams lead the league in allowed points.

He wants to win the ring.

At the end of the day, in the end, no one will really be satisfied with the fact that the defense is number 1 “, said Morris during the introductory press conference. “We are here to win the championship and I was not brought here to try to repeat what they did last year. We’re brought here to win and we’re here to win the championship and I want to do that for Sean. I want to do it for this community. I want to do it for you. “

The Rams were excellent in the two most important stages of defense: chasing with the defender and defending the pass. They finished in second place with 53 bags and allowed for the least yard yards in the NFL, consistently giving the problem to opposing defenders and wide receivers.

That was not lost on Morris, who recognized the Los Angeles defense forces from the 2020 season.

“They managed to influence all the quarterbacks, and those guys came out and they could mentally and physically influence the quarterbacks,” he said. “I think that was the biggest difference that happened last year, which allowed them to expand to another size even when it happened. I think they gained more confidence. I think they played the back end with more confidence which allowed them to come after the ball. So if you can influence the defender and get the ball like they could, you will have good statistics. “

Luckily for Morris, Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey will be back in 2021. They will once again be stars of the defense, and should be complemented by Darious Williams, Jordan Fuller and probably some new extras out of season.

Even if Leonard Floyd and John Johnson leave free agencies, this is a defense that could once again be one of the top five. But like Morris said, that’s not good enough. He wants to get all the way to the Super Bowl and win it at the SoFi Stadium in front of the home crowd.