Are you ready to ‘unwrap’ NASA’s latest gift? It has a melodic twist – it’s viral

NASA’s Instagram profile is nothing but a treasure trove of those who enjoy videos and images that give a view of the world beyond our Blue Planet. If you are among them, you will love to “unwrap” their latest gift. Even more amusing is that the space agency’s share comes with a melodic twist. It is a video showing the sonication of Caldwell 73. The image was shared on the official order of NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope.

“#HappyHolidays from Hubble! Discover this solemn sonication of Caldwell 73, a globular flock 40,000 light-years away. These stars are gravitationally bound to each other, and most of the stars are concentrated in the center of the cluster, ”they wrote, sharing the video.

Take a look at the footage and you may be intrigued by the ‘sound of space’.

Since it was shared, the post has garnered more than 3.4 easy views. In addition, he gathered tons of comments. People couldn’t stop talking about how much they loved the footage.

“I love the love of this harmony,” the Instagram user wrote. “Singing stars,” said another poetically. “Sounds so happy,” the third shared. “Christmas vibes,” the fourth commented. There were many who wrote “Wow” to express themselves.

What do you think of this wonderful gift?

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