Apple’s upcoming foldable iPhone that will reportedly have pen support

Apple has been working on a collapsible iPhone for several years and now the project seems to be moving with a possible launch in a few years. As the project progressed, more details about the device began to appear online.

The latest report says the device will now have pen support, but it’s still unclear whether the smartphone will support the current Apple Pencil or come with a brand new pen.

It was recently announced that the Cupertino-based giant has finalized a shell design for the foldable iPhone, which is similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. It is said that the company will use glass shield glass that will be chemically treated, allowing it to withstand a significant level of tolerance when folded or unfolded.

It is also reported that Apple’s foldable iPhone will be affordable compared to other similar offerings in this segment. But since the device is expected to launch in 2023, it makes sense because by then the cost of components needed for collapsible smartphones will be reduced. There is also the possibility that the launch of the phone will be further delayed if the company faces any hardware or production problems.

Meanwhile, Apple is also focusing on its ‘Project Titan’ which is an autonomous electric vehicle called the Apple Car. The company conducted interviews with several car manufacturers, including Hyundai, Kia and Nissan, but was unable to find a partner.