Apple’s long-awaited privacy feature appears for some iPhone users – Latest News

Apple’s privacy feature – which requires application developers to allow users to track them on websites and in applications – seems to be running. According to a MacRumors report, an urgent message asking iPhone users to allow or deny it has already begun to emerge.

“Some time ago, a request for users to allow or disable tracking began to appear in the first beta version of iOS 14.4, set last week,” the report soothes. From now on, the permission request only appears for limited apps, including the NBA app, saying the app requested permission “to track your activity on other companies’ apps and websites.”

Alternatively, the 9to5Mac report also claims that a pop-up was applied to iOS 14.3 as well as iOS 14.2. “This could mean that this is a change on the server that Apple is in the process of implementation, or that certain developers started implementing that function before the official” release “, the 9to5Mac report states.

For those unaware, Apple’s new privacy policy that requires developers to ask permission before they can track users to serve personalized ads was supposed to be implemented with the introduction of iOS 14 itself, but was delayed to give developers more time to prepare.