Apple’s iPhone 13 could finally get a game-changing feature

The dust has hardly settled from the iPhone 12 line that landed last month, but rumors of Apple’s next smartphone are already full. And if the latest leaks can happen, the iPhone 13 could see that the company has finally made the design change that fans are looking for.

According to one Chinese technology site, Apple has finally figured out a way to reduce the infamous notch on the iPhone screen that houses the front camera. Many see this notch as a breakdown of the iPhone’s supposedly full-screen design – and while the iPhone 12 is perhaps one of our best camera phones, most users wouldn’t say no less than a comma.

iPhone 13

A recent display reveals what the iPhone 13 might look like with a smaller comma (Image courtesy: PhoneArena)

DigiTimes says that Apple plans to reduce the size of the chip it uses for the front camera of the iPhone 13, which means that it will be able to direct the size of the notch itself. This notch hasn’t changed size since it arrived on the 2017 iPhone X, but it seems we could finally get really close to the screen from edge to edge.

For creatives who use any of the best applications for graphic designers, the benefits of a smaller notch are obvious. Anything that turns the iPhone screen into an even bigger digital screen can only be a good thing – and since the iPhone 12 Pro is already rocking a stunning camera, an edge-to-edge screen could be great news for photographers and video editors on the go.

iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 has won praise for its design – but the notch remains as large as ever (Image courtesy of Apple)

As with all Apple rumors, this one should be taken with a big pinch of salt – but if the recent leaks turn out to be true, the iPhone next year sounds pretty exciting. From the inclusion of the 120Hz screen to the revolutionary battery technology, it seems that the iPhone 13 could leave the already great iPhone 12 in the dust.