Apple released the most 2021 emoji thumbnails ever (and Twitter is not happy)

They say a picture is worth a thousand words – and while modest emojis, pictures may not be to advanced as a form of communication, it certainly has its purposes (mostly when it can’t bother you when typing). No wonder new add-ons are constantly being added to the current hundred libraries. But Apple may have just released the most current emojis of all.

The company has refined its existing syringe icon, adapting it into a far less graphic emoji thumbnail “vaccine”. It just seemed like the blood had to be removed. The newly emptied syringe is said to have countered the misconception that vaccinations are creepy in any way. Check out our best free graphic design software if you want to create your own emoji (it doesn’t have to be a syringe).

The updated syringe (right) is now empty (Image courtesy of: Emojipedia)

Until last year, emoji syringes were mostly blood donations. “Good emojis can stand for multiple purposes,” says Keith Broni, deputy emoji emotion officer (now the job title) at Emojipedia.