Apex Legends Easter egg found in the Medal of Honor: Above and Behind

A fan playing Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond has found Nessie, the adorable Easter egg originally featured in Respawn’s fighting royal Apex Legends.

A fan discovered an Easter egg from Apex Legends in the new VR title Medal of Honor: Above and Behind. The game is a first-person VR shooter based on World War II, and in addition to the usual focus on immersion that comes with a VR title, the game puts an emphasis on history. 90-minute recordings of interviews with real World War II veterans can be unlocked by playing a new game.

This level of historical detail is not always easy to find in video games. When someone thinks of World War II in the gaming industry, they always think of it Wolfenstein. These bombastic archers certainly have a lot of Nazis, but with significantly more robotic death machines than the Third Reich that was used in combat in the past. As much as fans adored the protagonist BJ Blazkowicz and his bloody crusade against the terrible science fiction Nazis who conquered the world, most of them understand that this is far from any historical story, unlike Medal of Honor: Above and Behind, which was actually set up during the actual Second World War.

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But that doesn’t mean the Respawn Entertainment developer hasn’t had a bit of fun with the new title. Reddit user LeopardTurret (via GamesRadar) found an unusually small Easter egg hidden inside a briefcase in play. The Easter egg is a stuffed animal in the shape of a monster from Loch Ness, which Apex Legends fans will recognize Nessie, a beloved Easter egg and unofficial mascot from the Battle of Royale. Nessie was one of several Easter eggs in that title when it was launched last year; finding all the little stuffed animals scattered around the map would cause the giant version to pop out of the sea. Nessie u Above and behind it doesn’t seem to have that feature, but it emits a wonderful creaking sound when thrown.

From Apex Legends i Medal of Honor: Above and Behind made by the same programmer, it is logical that such a crossover would be hidden in the new title. The beloved battle of the royal king Respawn continues to go strong; recently began celebrating the “Holo-day Bash” event to give fans a chance to enjoy the season. He wonders if it exists Titanfall easter egg hidden somewhere in Above and behind also, as it is the second franchise for which Respawn is best known.

Easter eggs are a prized tradition of video games, a fun treat from developers to fans that you can always discover. Often these Easter eggs are just fun little secrets, but occasionally players will fixate on them and use them as proof of deep, unknown connections between games. Nessie shows up Medal of Honor: Above and Behind probably not a hint of some great connection between the new VR shooter and Apex Legends. Instead, it’s just a cute little treat for battle fans, who signed up to shoot the Nazis.

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Source: LeopardTurret (via GamesRadar)

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