Apex Legends developers are seeking compensation for the loss of files

Respawn is considering introducing methods to compensate Apex Legends players for losing ranked matches against cheaters and losing a precious RP.

Respawn Entertainment is considering possible measures that could serve as compensation for the loss of fraudsters Apex Legends. Developers are also taking steps to manually fight hackers, as a recent investigation into cheating in ranked matches has resulted in a massive wave of bans.

A few weeks ago, Respawn shared the exciting news that over 700 fraudsters have been banned Apex Legends for hacking ranked matches, starting with Gold all the way to Predator. It’s obviously unheard of that some of the top-ranked players were hackers, but things like this shouldn’t come as a surprise given that Respawn’s battle royale title is free to play. But while cheats may still exist in ranked matches, developers are working on another solution to improve the player experience.

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Loss of cheaters Apex Legends is frustrating, especially in ranked matches, as players lose precious RP due to circumstances beyond their control. Fortunately, Respawn Entertainment has recognized the problem and is considering possible compensation for unfortunate players whose hacking experience has been affected by Battle Royale. That’s what studio design director Jason McCord says, who shared the idea in a new YouTube series called Respawn Responds. The first video of this new series of developer diaries focuses on the cheat problem along with player feedback and study priorities by the end of 2021. McCord revealed that Respawn could introduce a feature that would return RP to players if their ranked games have cheats. In addition, players who are encouraged to win by their hacker teammates could be penalized for this type of fake game. Such features are still being discussed internally, but Respawn is determined to revive them sooner or later.

There are other issues in Apex Legends which require an immediate Respawn reaction. Most recently, players discovered a serious mistake that could rob players of all cosmetic items. For example, one of the victims lost $ 2,000 worth of skins and costumes after linking her EA account to an Xbox game. Strangely, this innocent action resulted in the creation of a mirror account and the loss of access to the original. The worst part of this heartbreaking story is that EA support refused to help the poor player.

As a live service game, Apex Legends they can only maintain a healthy community if developers communicate with players regularly and transparently. Judging by the first video from the Respawn Responds series, this is exactly the level of communication that the studio wants to achieve. Players are informed about the developers ’awareness of the annoying issue and their plans to introduce a solution. This is definitely a great starting point, but to be honest, it should have happened much earlier.

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Source: Respawn Entertainment

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