APC governors should acknowledge the failure, says Wike – Punch Newspapers

Dennis Naku, Port Harcourt

River Governor Nyesom Wike urged his colleagues in Congress of all progressives not to shy away from accepting the fact that the APC-led Federal Government has failed Nigerians.

Wike said it was not enough for members of the Forum of Progressive Governors to acknowledge the deteriorating security situation across the country without acknowledging the failure of their federal leadership.

He said this during the inauguration of Woji Road and Obagi Road in Phase 2 of the GRA, the area of ​​local government of Obio Akpor in the state, which was carried out by the state governor Sejo Makinde.

Wike said: “I hear the Forum of Progressive Governors say there is insecurity. Who is responsible? They should go out openly and say that the party in power has failed. The Nigerians gave the APC a mandate at the federal government level and therefore they must admit that they failed the Nigerian.

“Everything in the country has collapsed. Security has collapsed. The economy has failed. He doesn’t do anything in the country. Today, there is insecurity everywhere in Nigeria.

“The other day they took about 400 in the state of Katsina. The next day they said they took 84. Now they said again that they took the village chief, his wife and 14 people in the state of Katsina.

“When there was a problem with the level of abduction in this country (Rijeka), I shouted, but no one listened to us. They said it was politics and that we were killing people from the APC.

“I said when you introduce security policy, the consequences will be great.”

Also, speaking at the event, Oyo State Governor Seyi Makinde said, “Indeed, all righteous people like to identify with progress, regardless of their personal feelings towards the initiator.

“True, we have a unique privilege to dress up a new generation of people who will see management as a service. We have stayed too long where people see the public coffers as an extension of their personal accounts.

“In the next round of elections in 2023, Nigerians will show that they have learned something from the events of this year in 2020 and that those election decisions have consequences.”