Anrich Nortje expected to ask tough questions to the bat thugs

Anrich Nortje is the fastest bowler on the South African test team and is expected to ask the most questions to bat hitters when boxing testing begins Saturday at SuperSport Park in Centurion.

Nortje is not too thoughtful and not too worried about the absence of Kagiso Rabada, as well as the fact that they need to identify the leader of the attack.

“We’ll have to see,” Nortje said.

“Like I said, we’re not experienced as a group, but we played so much home cricket with a red ball, that we have a lot of leaders in the group.

“We’ve pretty much adapted our game. It’s just a case of performing as a unit,” Nortje said.

Nortje hasn’t played much with Warriors teammate Glenton Stuurman, but he seems to know how dangerous a fast bowler can be.

Saturday’s test will also be the first without Vernon Philander and his replacement will not be an easy task.

Nortje, however, feels that Stuurman can mark Vern’s frames.

“He is a very good bowler with a lot of control. I haven’t played much with him, but from what I’ve seen on the net and heard, he has a lot of talent.

“It can create problems for a lot of guys, especially in Centurion, especially when he’s asking the right questions all the time,” Nortje said.

Nortje was not part of the 2019 group that Sri Lanka embarrassed at home, although the second test defeat was at his St. Louis field. George’s Park.

Since SuperSport Park is set to provide a certain pace and rebounds, Nortje warned not to be carried away by the conditions.

“We will have to wait and see. I don’t want to think too much in advance. I try to be as basic as possible.

“We are aware of what happened when they were last here and we definitely want to correct that. We hope we can make it simple,” Nortje said.

“There will be a little more rebound and pace, but if we use that to our advantage, we will, but we don’t want to be too enthralled.

“If we can hit the belt, we’ll ask a lot of questions.”