ANPG from Angola is moving towards a more transparent offer for 2020

Angolas National Agency for Petroleum, Gas and Biofuels (ANPG) now allows those interested in participating in the current 2020 round of licensing for oil blocks in the Kwanza and Lower Congo mainland basins to review available data packages before purchasing them. The ANPG hopes that this will increase the transparency of the process, as provided for in the current legal framework. They will ensure that qualified participants are engaged with the necessary confidence needed to start the process and secure arrangements at the end of the process. This will significantly reduce the risk of companies entering the process with many uncertainties. Interested companies simply need to register their interest code ANPG either by letter or email, requesting a free data consultation session. The session can be held virtually or in person.

The current round of licensing is in line with Presidential Decree 52/19, which envisions annual rounds of bidding until 2025. Angolas regulator, ANPG, intends to attract interest far above traditional players in Angolawith the oil and gas sector. Special attention is paid to attracting middle researchers to Angolabasins that have proven fruitful in recent years and provided returns to companies far above the industry average in other locations. Currently, six permits are offered in this round for the Kwanza inland basin and three for the Lower Congo inland basin. The ruling Presidential Decree 52/19 also specifies that blocks will be awarded by public tender, limited public tender and direct negotiation with clear deadlines.

The available data will provide a solid basis on which to build models to understand the oil and gas potential of the blocks offered. Access to data packages, which include the most relevant and important information on areas of interest, will help potential researchers prepare their proposals and their future strategy for research and development of these concessions. There are currently two data packages available, each representing an onshore pool on offer:

  1. Lower Congo inland basin, where three (3) blocks are offered CON 1, 5 and 6.

This package contains the information obtained below which also covers the adjacent Blocks:

  • Geological information regarding 24 wells of 3 blocks to be tendered and the remaining 33 wells of adjacent blocks, which is additional information
  • 14 study reports describe in detail the stratigraphy, structural component and perspective of the area
  • Accessibility study (atlas)
  • Georeferenced information (maps)
  • Legal information
  1. Kwanza mainland data package, offering six (6) CON 5, 6, 8, 9, 17 and 20, also contains not only data on the blocks for which it can bid, but also includes data from neighboring blocks belonging to this basin.

This second and final package contains the data described in detail below, which also covers the adjacent Blocks.

  • Geological information (reports and diaries) for 47 wells, of which 36 belong to the offered blocks and 11 wells belong to neighboring blocks.
  • 13 reports of abandonment of major fields in the basin
  • Seismic data (Vintage seismic)
  • Accessibility study (atlas)
  • Georeferenced information (maps)
  • Legal information

Note: It is important to note that geophysical data (seismic and magnetometric) are not part of the data package.

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The Angolan Agency for Oil, Gas and Biofuels counts on Africa Oil & Power (AOP) ( – the continent ‘s leading energy investment platform – as an advisor. Please contact [email protected] for more information.

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Angola ANPG is being launched to make the 2020 offer more transparent
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