Announcement ‘Human Voice’: Pedro Almodovar, short film by Tilda Swinton

Swinton and Pedro Almodóvar match were made in the cinematic sky.

Pedro Almodóvar’s English-language debut “The Human Voice” is a short film adaptation of Jean Cocteau’s play of the same name, but Almodóvar’s sensory filming and Tilda Swinton’s pivotal lead make the 30-minute short film as emotionally fulfilled as any other feature film. The short film trailer is presented below through distributor Sony Picture Classics, a studio that has been collaborating with Almodóvar for more than a decade.

The content of Sony Picture Classics for “The Human Voice” reads: “A woman (Swinton) watches as time passes by the suitcase of her ex-lover (who should come for them, but never comes) and a restless dog who does not understand that he is his master left. “

“I have always considered this adaptation an experiment, a whim in which I would show what is called the fourth wall in the theater, and in the cinema I would show the part behind, that is, the wooden structure that holds the walls of a realistic set, the material reality of what was invented,” Almodóvar director’s statement (via EW). “The reality of this woman is pain, loneliness, the darkness in which she lives. I tried to make all of this obvious, touching, and eloquent through Tilda Swinton’s sublime performance, showing very early on that her house is a building within the sound stage of a movie theater. “

IndieWire gave the Human Voice a rating from the Venice Film Festival, writing: “This is the pure, distilled essence of both the veteran director and the actress. For anyone attacked by Almódovar and Swinton’s currently recognizable styles, the film is basically pornographic. Enjoy those mustard-colored kitchen cabinets! Bow before those stilettos with a leopard print! It would also take more than 30 minutes. “

Sony Picture Classics will release “The Human Voice” next year, most likely in time for the Oscars. Almódovar and Swinton completed production over the summer during the pandemic, and the world premiered the project at the Venice Film Festival. Watch the official trailer for the short film in the video below.

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