Announce the names of Fulani cattle breeders who are going through murder trials, the Presidency tells the police

The presidency on Monday asked the authorities of the Nigerian police force to publish the names of Fulani cattle breeders who are being tried in various countries across the country for murders and other violence.

It was also said that President Muhammadu Buhari, who is also a member of the Fulani nationality, is not complicit in the pastoral crisis that is shaking many parts of the nation.

The Senior Special Assistant to the President for Media and Advertising, Garba Shehu, made this known by speaking on the Channel Television program.

He said, “The president is more than concerned about the current situation, fully aware of the fact that it is the responsibility of his government to work with Nigerians to secure lives and stop the current crisis whether it is kidnapping or a new line of ethnic violence. He condemns it and does not support it.

“After speaking out against it, it follows that all security agencies must take action from the president’s remark and do what is necessary, which is to stop the escalation of violent witness attacks in some parts of the country and ensure that it does not go beyond where it is. recorded. “

Shehu also described as “unprofitable” the comments made against Bukhari, adding that many criminal Fulani herders are being prosecuted.

“I hope that the police headquarters will take responsibility and publish a complete list of Fulani cattle breeders who are being tried in various countries, especially in the state of Benue.”

“Trials are ongoing, verdicts have been passed and the president cannot be an accomplice. It is very unprofitable. “The president cannot be an accomplice in the kinds of things that are said about him,” he added.

The south-western region has recently been hit by a storm due to the activities of cattle breeders who attack agricultural land with cattle, harass farmers, and in some cases kill them. Some herders have also been charged with kidnapping, rape and other criminal offenses.

Speaking further, Shehu noted that the president did everything to ensure the safety of life and property in the country.

He said, “The president is more than worried about the current situation. And he is fully aware of the fact that it is the responsibility of his government to work with all Nigerians to secure lives and stop ongoing crises, be it kidnappings or ethnic hatred and violence. He condemns it.

“Community leaders – local, traditional and elected – need to work with the president.

“The country’s army, as we are now saying, is overstretched because it is active in at least 34 of the 36 states of the federation, including the FCT.

“The air force, the police recruit day and night; people are trained for special operations and sent to the forest. “

Senate minority minority leader Enyinnaya Abaribe accused the president of treating Fulani’s criminal shepherds with children’s gloves, saying he must openly condemn the actions of the killer shepherds.

“We never heard that,” Abaribe said. “Where has the president ever said that these criminal herders will never be tolerated in this country?” All we’ve heard from 2016 to the end is “live in peace with your neighbor” and “try to accommodate your compatriots” and things like that.

“And that now allows those who commit these crimes not to be punished.

“And when you see the rest of the country, eruptions here and there, all targeted at a certain segment of people, you should be very worried. And why should you worry too much, what is it that gives these people the incentive to keep committing these crimes?

But Shehu opposed Abaribe, saying presidential aides like him speak on behalf of the president.

He said, “When Femi Adesina or I speak on behalf of the president, people should accept that the president speaks. For this president, actions should speak on his behalf. He’s not a showman. It doesn’t have to be there.

“Even if we understand each other, we are not trying to personalize anything. Senator Abaribe paused a lot, attacking President Muhammad Bukhari, saying he had not, even on a rhetorical level, spoken out against this type of violence.

“It simply came to our notice then. This country has problems. It is necessary to involve everyone. All hands must be on deck. ”