Anker unveils MagSafe Power Bank for iPhone

There is a recent rumor that suggests that Apple could work on the MagSafe power bank for the iPhone. Exactly when exactly these accessories will be introduced remains to be seen, but in the meantime, it seems that accessory manufacturer Anker may have beaten Apple with its own MagSafe power bank.

This power bank will have a 5,000 mAh battery that will be able to fully match the iPhone 12 mini, but will bring the iPhone 12 Pro Max to only 75%, but we assume the small and somewhat portable nature of the accessories makes up for that. In addition, the fact that no cables are needed is an added bonus and will make it easier to carry as it can be put in a bag or pocket.

Unfortunately, Anker’s MagSafe power bank is not an officially certified MagSafe add-on. This does not mean that it is dangerous, but because it has not received official confirmation, it means that the charging speed is limited to 7.5 W, unlike other certified MagSafe chargers that can be charged at a speed of 15 W.

Once again, slightly slower charging speeds shouldn’t really be a problem as portability and ease of use seem to be the main selling point. The add-on is currently on Amazon, and its price is $ 40, but it currently seems to be sold out, but hopefully it will be available again soon.

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