Anambra Guber: Ekwueme’s daughter has joined the race for PDP tickets

Written by Chibuzo Ukaibe, Abuja

The daughter of former Vice President and founding member of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), the late Alex Ekwema chief, Lady Chidi Alexandra Onyemelukwe, has joined the PDP’s ballot for the Anambra state elections on November 6 this year.

Onyemelukwe, who on Thursday chose the PDP’s governance form at the party’s national secretariat, said: “I am in the race because I believe I have a lot to offer the state of Anambra and that I have a passion for the people of Anambra. I am the second generation of PDP. I have a fear and love for God and a sense of selfless service to offer people Anambra. “

She added that she has the necessary to win the list and the elections, emphasizing that her political backbone is God.

“If you’re talking about the heavyweight division, if we’re going to put it on the scales, I believe I’m heavier than everyone else.



Like I said, I have a lot to offer. I have a passion for selfless service and pious service. I believe I stand out because I have PDP DNA. From the beginning, I was the main woman in the party. Yes, new things are happening, the world is changing. Women come to different places.

“The state of Anambra already has two women senators, which is unknown in the rest of Nigeria. This has never been done elsewhere. At Anambra, we women are special, innovative and courageous. This time it will be different and we will see the difference a woman can make, ”she said.

About her plan for women and youth, she said: “A person who wears shoes knows where to squeeze. As a woman and a mother, I believe that I am in a better position to know what is best not only for children and women, but also for men, because I am also a wife and a daughter and a sister.

“I think the most important thing is education, we have to educate our children. Our children need to have a quality and affordable education. That is the most important thing. That way we train the next generation and the generations to come. The world goes on, it’s not a matter of moving along with them, but of grabbing each other and moving on.

“We have to harness women. Anambra women are strong. Like I said, we already have two senators out of three. We must take advantage of our women in terms of the existence of industrial clusters, SMEs. It is my niche and in his first term I served as a special assistant to the former president for SMEs. So watch what Anambra will be like in the next few years, ”she explained.

Answering the question who was her political godfather, she said: “Yes, I have the greatest father of God whose legs stretch from heaven to earth, in fact the earth is his footstool. So, yes, I have my God as a political father and he is my God.

“Basically, politics is not a game for me, it is passion. I grew up in politics and I come from a political family and I know that without God you do not go on such a journey. So I have the most with me and I believe that since I have it I will not succeed “, she added.