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Global Banana Flake Market: Snapshot

Global demand for banana flakes is growing at a healthy pace, as banana flakes are an important part of fruit-based food and cereal production. The food and beverage industry continues to be at the core of the growth of the global banana flake market. The bakery and confectionery sector in the food and beverage industry is an attractive segment, apart from the infant nutrition sector. The growing demand of parents around the world for better, more nutritious and healthy fruit-based food for their children will lead to a high demand for banana flakes. Another trend that will continue in the global banana-flake market is the rapid increase in demand for organic banana flakes. Organic infant nutrition is also in high demand despite their high cost.

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Banana flakes are also significantly used in products like ice cream and yogurt in the dairy industry. This trend is especially growing in Europe. Growing awareness of the inclusive benefits of a fruit diet is expected to accelerate the demand for banana flakes. Consumers are increasingly realizing that daily consumption of unhealthy foods leads to detrimental effects on human health, and are therefore switching to healthier and organic foods. This creates a favorable environment for the global banana flake market. Market players are also making efforts to innovate and create newer food products that can use banana flakes. The efforts of the players will pay off and help suppress the need for banana flakes.

Global Banana Flake Market: An Overview

Demand for banana flakes has accelerated in the food and beverage sector, supported by the widespread popularity of organic preparations. Banana flakes are increasingly in demand among health-conscious populations as part of their daily nutrient intake. They are usually characterized by a high content of various minerals, including iron, potassium, magnesium, zinc and calcium, except for some essential enzymes. The product is also a valuable source of beta-carotene, various vitamins and trace elements. Manufacturers and growers pay special attention to their nutrients so as not to affect the ripening and drying processes used. Banana flakes are gaining strength as a nutritious addition to various dishes and as sweeteners for desserts and bakery products.

Global banana flake market: key trends

The rapidly growing health-conscious consumption of the population on healthier food categories makes it a key target market for banana flakes. The attractively growing demand for fruit-based foods for daily intake of vitamins and minerals is a key factor contributing to the consumption of banana peels. Demand for these flakes has also garnered steam among people who are increasingly prone to organic food. In recent years, the demand for banana flakes in the bakery industry in developing and developed countries has increased significantly. Widespread consumption of banana flakes of conventional origin among the world’s population encourages market growth. Banana flakes are also gaining popularity in the infant food department.

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Global banana flake market: market potential

Banana flakes occupy an attractive place at the global fairs of the confectionery and snack industry. Several of these innovative product categories make up the key quotients in the health and wellness sector that offer a healthy lifestyle to the global population. In January, Diana Foods, part of the German-based Symrise Group, a German flavor and fragrance manufacturer, unveiled a raw banana flake plate at ProSweets Cologne 2018. The company, which produces natural well-being solutions for the food market, combined banana flakes with dates for introduction of exotic taste. The unique texture and nutritional value of the fruit is what makes the product category attractive to customers, especially those from Middle Eastern countries. The manufacturer has also introduced a range of fruits and sweet toppings to satisfy the discerning palates of consumers prone to freshness and authenticity.

Several other organic food manufacturers are also introducing banana flakes that are added to various baking products, including cakes to sweeten them naturally. They are popularly made with bananas ripened in the vine, and are mostly dried in the air or in the sun to preserve nutrients. Numerous reputable food manufacturers are also focusing on launching banana flakes in chemical-free formulations.

Global Banana Flake Market: Regional Outlook

The report offers a comprehensive insight into market perspectives in different regions and the drivers that drive growth in key regions. The study also examines lucrative pathways more closely and evaluates new prospects. Some of the key regional segments could be the Asia-Pacific region, Europe, North America, Japan, and the Middle East and Africa. The Asia-Pacific region is poised to present a potentially promising market outlook. The growing propensity to adopt a healthy breakfast is a key factor driving demand among consumers in the region. The markets of North America and Europe are likely to grow at an attractive pace over the forecast period.

Global Banana Flake Market: A Competition Analysis

The report provides an in-depth and critical insight into the prevailing competitive landscape. The strategic impact of recent moves by top players is also assessed. Some of the key players operating in the market include Top Line Foods Ltd., P&G Food Industries, Johs.Thoms GmbH & Co. KG, Rabeler Fruchtchips GmbH, Naturals LLC, Naturals LLC, Van Drunen Farms, Ingredient Inc., Diana Foods, and Bardakci Group.

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