An update to version 1.06 for Cyberpunk 2077 has arrived to reduce the fear of damaged save games

Cyberpunk 2077 still struggling through some horrible (and hilarious) vulnerabilities, but the Project Red CD developer kills the nastiest bugs pretty quickly: today’s just-released hotfix 1.06 should prevent your computer from saving files from being permanently damaged if they grow larger than 8 MB in size . Yes, that was actually a question before today.

On the console, the game should also have “fewer crashes” due to “improved memory management and stability” and a character called Dum Dum (whom I didn’t personally meet in the first run of the game, please don’t judge me I have kids) will no longer disappear in the middle searches.

The query displayed for damaged saves in Cyberpunk 2077.
Image: support document

That’s the whole list of changes in this hotfix, so there’s not much reason to click on the entire change log.

On December 13, the company tackled the controversy over the unfinished state of the game by promising “two big patches” in January and February to address its terrible performance on the PS4 and Xbox One, in particular, but also said it would release bug fixes as fast as he could. We got a 1.04 patch that dealt with the risks of epilepsy on December 11, a 1.05 patch on December 18 that crushed a bunch of beetles, and now this 1.06 patch five days later.

Although the company offered a refund to disappointed players, this did not seem to affect the overall success of the game: Cyberpunk 2077 sold over 13 million copies even counting that return, more than offsetting its eight-year development budget and marketing campaign.