An update for Microsoft Flight Simulator VR is now available

We talk a lot about realism and realistic graphics in games. As much as people love these elements of the game, no one gives them Microsoft flight simulator merit. I understand and accept that this is not a game for everyone. However, the accuracy and authenticity of the flying experience cannot be compared in the world of games. There is a reason many use this as a tool to help train pilots in real life. The most exciting game update, Microsoft flight simulator VR, he’s finally here. If you wanted to fly a plane, this is about as much as you can get to the real thing. Make no mistake, this VR update isn’t just a gimmick. Microsoft has included this feature in the game. In addition, it is moving towards consoles in 2021.

An amazing achievement Microsoft Flight Simulator VR

One only needs to look at a little review of the video that Microsoft has uploaded to see how amazing it is Microsoft flight simulator The VR update really is. The reality of the game is unparalleled. If you’re not quite sure if this game is actually a video game, then I understand your retention. This is a simulation game in its full, most real measure. The recent inclusion of VR will only deepen that claim. The only difference now is that many with VR hardware will see how beautiful the game really is.

A huge element of the ambitious project was the promise of VR. When VR capabilities were announced this summer, I kind of thought there would eventually be a delay in 2021. Now that it’s already there, this feature promises to be an additional selling point for one of 2020’s most acclaimed games. The goal, of course, is not just to provide VR, but to provide as many people as possible. The free update is “compatible with a wide range of supported devices, including most Windows mixed-reality headsets (including the HP Reverb G2), Oculus, Valve and HTC headsets.”

Is this what VR experience players are waiting for?

microsoft flight simulator vr Image Credit: Microsoft

Except Half-life: Alyx, I would argue that most VR games seem like experiences that you can get away with without playing. Valve put an amazing deal into their game, which is why Alyx made many GOTY lists even though most of us didn’t play it. Microsoft equally deserves praise and credit for getting VR support Microsoft flight simulator. The game itself is less exciting than the look of what VR could mean for games. We see technology coming to the forefront and performance. Mostly, however, many wait to pick up VR hardware until something requires their attention. I think Microsoft flight simulator could be that game.

If you’re still unsure, consider the fact that it’s free for Game Pass subscribers. If you subscribe to Game Pass for PC or Game Pass Ultimate, then it is waiting for you now. Console players can expect a version of the console on the Xbox Series X / S later in 2021. Would you consider trying out this game in VR? If so, let us know in the comments. Thanks for reading Comics of the Year for all the stuff in games, comics and pop culture.

Highlight Credit: Microsoft

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