An image by an Indian photographer of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction has won numerous accolades online

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Updated: 23 December 2020 18:44:31

jupiter saturn, jupiter saturn conjunction, big conjunction, big conjunction best photos, indian expressThe photographer said that he put together 25 images in order to achieve the clarity seen in the final image. (Source: Sajal Chakraborty / Facebook)

Astronomy enthusiasts have flooded social media with images of the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, but one photo from Australia has received a lot of praise on social media.

An Indian photographer in Melbourne clicked on a remarkable photograph of a rare celestial phenomenon in which two planets appear so close to each other for the first time in almost 400 years.

Facebook user Sajal Chakraborty captured not only Saturn and Jupiter but also the four largest Jupiter moons in the photo. Captured only with a DSLR camera and telephoto lens, Chakraborty’s image has received much praise online.

The image received over 1.2 million likes after Twitter user Rebecca Hill shared it on the platform.

Chakraborty told that he put together 25 images to achieve the clarity seen in the final image.

“It’s a composite for creating details. I used a trigger interval meter and stacked multiple exposures to get the details, ”he said during the chat.

“It was the 21st rainy day here. So I only had one small window of opportunity where I could catch them closest, ”he said, adding that the photo was taken around 9:30 p.m.

Chakraborty said he only shared the pictures with some photographic groups and that the internet fame was unintentional.

“I wanted to record the celestial event as best I could with the equipment. I have a simple tripod, a 10-year-old Canon 60D and a 10-year-old Canon 75-300mm lens. So, I have to do everything from scratch, ”he said.

The picture received a lot of praise, but there were also a lot of funny reactions and memes:

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