Amazon Music now has ‘Car Mode’: Here’s how to use it

Amazon Music gets ‘Car Mode’ to make it easier to use the app while driving. Car Mode will display an Amazon Music interface with large keys, text, and easier Alexa access. The new feature is now available on Amazon Music for Android and iOS.

Car mode requires connecting the phone to the car via Bluetooth to use Amazon Music. Once the phone is connected, the Amazon Music app will automatically switch to car mode. This is turned on by default, and you can change the settings in the settings menu by selecting always, when you are connected or never. You can also customize the actions that should be displayed on the application screen in car mode. To disable car mode, you can tap the icon in the upper left corner of the screen.

The Car Mode screen in Amazon Music shows the track now playing at the top with large keys and text, the report said. The Verge. It has playback controls for playing, pausing and skipping music. Below is a list of playlists with music suggestions that you can select by dragging or tapping on it.

Amazon Music’s car mode also supports Alexa without the use of hands. There are two ways to run Alexa. One way is to tap the Alexa icon in the lower right corner of the app. Another way is to do it without using your hands using the voice command “Hey Alex, play ”. You can also choose to keep the car mode screen active, which will prevent the phone from switching to the lock screen.