Aisha Buhari’s honesty sometimes seems reckless, Fayemi says

The governor of the state of Ekiti, Kayode Fayemi, described the president’s wife, Ms. Aisha Buhari, as a voice without a voice.

Fayemi, who is chair of the Forum of Governors of Nigeria, also said that Ms. Bukhari’s honesty is liked by many Nigerians.

He said that although “the honesty of the first lady may appear in a way of recklessness,” the governors are proud to be associated with Ms. Bukhari as a defender of the helpless.

Fayemi spoke on behalf of his colleagues Thursday at a public presentation of Ms. Aisha’s biography at the presidential villa in Abuja.

The book “Aisha Bukhari: Being Different” was written by the senior special assistant to the president for administration and women’s issues, Dr. Hi Sani.

Fayemi said, “If you are looking for a voice without a voice, a defender without a defense, if you are looking for honesty, courage and commitment, you have nowhere else to go but in the direction of Her Excellency, the First Lady of the Federal Republic (Nigeria), dr. Aisha Buhari.

“Yes, that sincerity can appear in a way of indiscretion. Some might even argue that when you are in this gilded cage, otherwise known as the Presidency, you should not be seen saying some things, but I think it is in that honesty that we have the authenticity of our first lady and that is what loves her to most Nigerians, that is also what is different. ”

He added, “When some people say,‘ Oh, why is she talking? Why does she defend the helpless? Why does he show the courage of conviction? ‘I will advise them to go read this book and see the role it has played leading to the process itself, especially after failed efforts to the presidency in 2003 and 2007 and 2011 as it mobilized very weak and tired supporters and revived our president’s movement towards the presidency . ”

The event, chaired by Congress Chief of All Progressives Bol Tinubu, was attended by many senior government officials, including Vice President Yemi Osinbajo; and his wife Dolapo.

The president, Major General Muhammad Bukhari (withdrawn), however, was not present at the event as he was undergoing a medical examination in London.