Again, the attackers attacked the Imo police station, kidnapped a police officer and wounded others

… free suspects

Fear continues to permeate the atmosphere in Imo State as gunmen in the early hours of the morning attacked the headquarters of the Mbieri Police Department located in the Mbaitoli State Local Government Area.

Our correspondent gathered from the indigenous Mbieri that the fleeing gunmen struck around 1 o’clock in the morning and immediately released the suspects into custody at the police station.

Gunmen also confiscated phones belonging to suspects and police operatives in the Department.

But a police source from the Division told our correspondent that the armed men were rejected by the police officers on duty.

A police source said, “We resisted them, but they overpowered us. They had more sophisticated weapons. They took all the phones they saw, released the suspects when they approached them and vandalized the police building. ”

The source confided to our correspondent that the attackers kidnapped one police officer and injured two more police officers.

Community leader Nokey Ebikam told our correspondent that the headquarters of the police department had not burned down.

According to him, the armed attackers did not level the police building, but released the suspects in custody after the vandalism of the Department.

Another indigenous man in the area, Darlington Irobi, confirmed the attack on the police station to our correspondent.

He also revealed that the suspects were released from the game.

Orlando State Police spokesman Ikeokwu confirmed attack on police station when he contacted him PUNCH on Thursday morning.

He also confirmed that, while one police officer disappeared, the other two were injured due to the resistance of the police officers on duty.

Ikeokwu also confirmed that the attackers had released some suspects at the police station.

However, he is convinced that the police authority in the state immediately launched an investigation into the attack.

PUNCH reports that six divisional police headquarters were attacked between February and April, with the exception of the headquarters of the State Police Command and the Owerri Penitentiary, which were attacked on Monday, with 1,884 prisoners released and more than 50 vehicles burned.

Armed assailants also attacked a military base in Ukwuorja on the Owner-Onitsha highway, burned a soldier in a car and shot down four more operational vehicles belonging to the army.

Other police departments attacked in the state within two months are Obowo, Aboh Mbaise, Ihitte / Uboma, Isiala Mbano and the headquarters of the Ehime Mbano police department.