Again, Akeredolu warns that 2023 polling stations could be threatened

Governor Rotimi Akeredolu

… He wants to fight the worsening of insecurity

… In order to leave the nation, there must be a consensus

Dayo Johnson

The chairman of the Forum of Governors of the Southwestern Countries, Rotimi Akeredolu, again warned that the general elections in 2023 could be jeopardized if the situation of insecurity in the country worsens.

Akeredolu spoke in an interview program for Channels Television Politics Today.

His concern comes hours after his fellow Benue Gov. Samuel Ortom, after meeting with President Muhammad Bukhari in Abuja, expressed the same concern about behavior in 2023 if there are still challenges to insecurity in the country.

He therefore asked the federal government to urgently tackle the growing insecurity in the country.

The governor of the state of Ondo, who condemned the attack on the governor of the state of Benue, Mr. Samuel Ortom, wondered why the governors would be the target of the attack.

Akeredolu, who described the attack on Ortoms as unfortunate, supported the claim of his fellow governor that the elections could be disrupted in 2023 if nothing is done to reduce uncertainty.

According to him, Nigerians should be concerned if bandit activity reaches its full extent.

“I think Governor Ortom is right, we definitely cannot hold elections in an uncertain environment.

“So if insecurity doesn’t break out suddenly, it will escalate, and if it escalates, we should all worry that, by the time we get to 2023, we could have a scale of reason and other insecurity in the country,”

“Besides, there is no one who can report any elections in that atmosphere. It is clear that he said well that the Federal Government must sit.

“Something needs to be done now to ensure that this issue of uncertainty that is escalating day by day is removed and de-escalated as soon as possible.”

“We cannot continue to draw the question of insecurity on the surface. Insurance chiefs must come together and provide a solution to the problem. There must be rapid responses to uncertainties at all levels.

Renewing his call for the creation of a state police, Akeredolu said establishing a policy structure at the regional level would complement the efforts of the Nigerian police.

“There must be a quick response to all this level of uncertainty. For now, since we don’t have to do anything else, those of us who believe there should be a multi-level police force and the time has come to have a state police force, that’s not something you can force.

“It is something that will have to go through the National Assembly. It takes some time, but that’s the goal. But before that, I believe we can have meetings, set up insecurity committees. Let it be resolved completely, without any bias. “

As for restructuring, Akeredolu said that “restructuring is crucial. It is time to raise the issue of restructuring.

“The fact that the restructuring did not come does not mean that we have to decide for secession. We will remain as one Nigeria and together we will deal with our problems.

He pointed out that “leaving the nation, there must be a consensus. We have never given anyone the power to speak on our behalf. In the state of Ondo, no one has ever invited us to such a discussion.

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