Again, a tanker explosion shook the Benue community

Another tanker crashed in the state of Benue barely two days after one crashed and exploded in Oshigbudu in the local government area of ​​Agatu in the state.

Recall that twelve people were reported killed in Sunday’s explosion of tankers in Oshigbud and several houses set on fire.

The latest incident, according to sources, happened in the early morning hours a few meters from the site of the former incident.

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Local Deputy Prime Minister John Ikwulono, who confirmed the incident to our correspondent, said no life was lost, but several houses were touched.

Ikwulono said, “Yes, another oil tanker crashed today around 4.00am, it happened as you were entering Oshigbud. The tanker spilled its contents and exploded.

“But, thank God, there were no victims, except for a few houses where the contents spilled.

The vice president noted that people had to resort to the use of water and fire-fighting detergents.

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