Advanced navigation to create an inertial solution for NASA

Advanced Navigation, a leading developer of Sydney-based GNSS, AHRS and other 3D inertial navigation systems, has announced that it will develop a quantum enhanced inertial navigation solution for space launchers, satellites and landings in partnership with Q + CTRL. quantum technology.

The International Aviation Community has said that inertial navigation systems, developed by Advanced Navigation, are revolutionary, as reported by the geospatial media house.

Chris Shaw, co-CEO, Advanced Navigation, said: “Looking at this critical initiative in the long run, the team activities following this project will establish ongoing production capabilities and capacities that are critical to Australia’s emerging space industry.”

The solution is designed to focus on inertial navigation technology for long-term space missions, which will help Armatis ’lunar exploration program, NASA’s space exploration initiative. It will also enable NASA and its partners in the international space exploration community to carry out deep space, lunar and planetary missions, which were previously difficult to accomplish.

Advanced navigation offers a wide range of deep technological fields such as underwater acoustics, GPS, radio frequency systems, sensors and robotics. Over the years, he has managed to connect with several large companies, including Airbus, Boeing, Tesla, Google, Apple and General Motors.

Artemis is NASA’s human moon exploration plan, which aims to send the first woman and the next man to the surface of the moon by 2024. Scientists have long recognized the moon as a rich source of information about the Earth and the solar system. Using findings from the moon. NASA will then prepare to launch missions to Mars.