AC Milan launches manifesto on equality, diversity and inclusion Football News

AC Milan has launched a “manifesto for equality, diversity and inclusion”, which includes a series of initiatives highlighting their commitment to combating all forms of prejudice and discrimination.

The Serie A giants aim to educate a new generation of fans and shape the culture of their fans, while reaching out to people outside their own fan base.

Their manifesto and accompanying RespACT program will focus on “awareness raising, education, prevention and cooperation” on prejudice and discrimination.

“It’s not just important for us, it’s important for everyone in the game,” said Milan CEO Ivan Gazidis Heavenly sports news.

We, like many clubs, do a lot of good work in this area over a long period of time. The reason we run the manifesto and call it “RespACT” is the emphasis on the acting part, this is not ‘it hashtags or signaling virtues, it’s about about the solid actions the game can take to continue to improve our response to the social issues we have and guide them to address those issues. ”

“[We aim] provide an example of how to encourage others in the game to do the same, such as equality, diversity, inclusion, actions that everyone can take in their own sphere and collectively, positively in a positive way, taking incredible steps forward.

AC Milan CEO Ivan Gazidis and Paolo Maldini AC Milan Technical Director
AC Milan CEO Ivan Gazidis and technical director Paolo Maldini have been working together since 2019

“As much as football reflected the problems in society and the problems we have in society, I believe it was also a good force, an amazing example of people from all different backgrounds, ethnic backgrounds, every color, gender and all aspects working together.”

The manifesto lists a number of key events at which Milan will seek to promote the campaign, including the Derby della Madonnina on February 20, 2021 which will be promoted as the “Derby Against Racism”.

Gazidis says progress in their initiatives will be made over time and will also help the work of clubs, organizations and institutions in the long run.

“Success is progress. I don’t think we will come to a conclusion where our work is done. Society has deep-seated problems that we need to keep working on,” he explained.

“These issues will change over time as society changes, as we evolve and progress, there will be more and more problems we have to face, an important part of this journey is talking about it, awareness of it. This is not just a matter of social injustice, but it is also a question of effect.

“If you have prejudices, your performance is disabled, you create obstacles to your own progress. So good football clubs, good organizations and good institutions struggle every day to eliminate their own prejudices so they can work better.”