Abuja fuel shortage: NNPC fires long queues for gas stations in Nigeria’s capital – Fotos

Fuel shortages are not falling Abuja, on the wet Nigerian oil company, they refuse, because the lines of gasoline are again showing for the capital of Nigeria.

Tori, for example, a gas station refueling does not sell fuel to motorists, and those who sell it sell, you see drivers for hours in lines to get fuel like on Tuesday.

Some of the yarn with BBC Pidgin on Monday say the dem gatz waits a lot of hours and spends a lot of time before the dem gets fuel.

Some say they wait for almost 8 hours.

Taxi drivers joining the line say dem fit can’t do business to give the dia family a chop moni.

You see [Fuel scarcity Abuja] photos

We call Wetin a dis photo,

Disna di scene for documentary stations for Abuja, as if to say that the fuel mat is soon starting to turn red

We call Wetin dis foto,

Cars waiting in line stop Abuja

Due to the long lines due to the danger that the driver of the gas tanker will go on strike on Monday.

But after NGNK kpata-kpata, yarn Mele Katrina with dem, dem suspend di strike.

They also announce that they will increase the di-depot price of fuel for the month of May.

Let’s say full milk fuel and there is no need to panic.

We call Wetin dis foto,

Cars are waiting in line for Abuja for fear – FG

We call Wetin dis foto,

Nigerian goment tok says that there is no shortage of fuel and they say that pipo acts by panicking buying