About six million illegal weapons in circulation in Nigeria – Abdulsalami – television channels

Former head of state and president of the National Peace Committee, Abdulsalami Abubakar, said on Wednesday that six million illegal weapons were circulating in Nigeria.

He spoke during the NPC meeting with the Nigerian Guild of Editors.

The meeting focused on finding a solution to insecurity in Nigeria.

According to Abdulsalami, the proliferation of illegal weapons has greatly contributed to the country’s current precarious climate.

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“The proliferation of weapons caliber not only in our subregion, but in general, and in Nigeria in particular, is worrying,” he said.

“It is estimated that more than six million such weapons are in circulation in our country. This has certainly exacerbated insecurity and led to over 80,000 deaths, and we also have close to three million IDPs. “

Former Chief of General Staff of Defense, Air Marshal Alamin Daggash, said that security officers must be better trained to fight crime throughout the federation.

“At the time, we were training for about 18 months to two years,” he said. “Today, some of these young people are only being trained for six months. And I think that’s inadequate. ”

Billionaire industrialist and NPC member Aliko Dangote has proposed more funds for security workers.

“We can’t continue with things like this as long as we are underfunding the police and the military,” he said. “We also ask them to go and recruit, so when they recruit, where will they find the money to pay?”

The NPC is a non-profit organization founded in 2014 in response to “new threats posed by the 2015 general elections,” according to a page on their website.

Among its members is the Bishop of the Diocese of Sokoto, Mathew Kukah, among other prominent Nigerians.