Abia: Major Senate whip, Orji Kalu revalidates APC membership

Senate whip chief and former governor of Abia State, Senator Orji Uzor Kalu, on Monday revalidated his membership in the Congress of All Progressives, APC.

The revalidation exercise was conducted in Department A Igbere in Senator Orji Kalu’s Benda State Department and was witnessed by the APC National Registration and Revalidation Committee Abia, chaired by Bala Ambassador Mohammed Maigairi.

The state, local government and department heads, members of the Congress of All Progressives (APC), were also on the ground during the exercise in Igbere Bende.

Speaking after the revalidation of his APC membership, Senator Orji Uzor Kalu praised the party leadership for their commitment to the exercise.

According to him, the democratic process was important for the party in its quest to deliver its mandate of good governance to all Nigerians.

He called on all well-meaning Nigerians to join the Progressive Party as this will give them more opportunities to play a role in the national decision-making process.

In this regard, the provincial candidate for the All Progressive Congress, APC, in the state of Abia, and the executive commissioner in PenCom, Dr. Nyerere Anyim, also confirmed his membership in the party.

Next to Anyima stood his wife, and he was revalidated in his Agburuike constituency, Obingwa local government area, and was witnessed by APC state president Hon Donatus Nwankpa and other party executive members.

Meanwhile, a member representing the federal constituency of the Benda State of Abia and a spokesman for the House of Representatives, Hon Benjamin Kalu, complained about the lack of registration and revalidation materials in the Benda local government area in the state.

Rep Kalu called on the party leadership to submit enough material that will contain a large number of the Abia population

According to him, “there is very little material for the registration exercise in Bende, the people who want to register and confirm their membership in Bende are larger than the available materials.

“I want to take this opportunity to invite all party leaders to provide more material for Nigerians across their departments, which will help millions of Nigerians who want to join the Progressive Train for that.”

Rep Kalu thanked the leadership of the party in the state of Abia for the internal peace in the party.