A woman comes across a 165 million year old dinosaur footprint – BGR

Finding fossils that have been hidden for 165 million years requires a lot of time, research and usually a lot of digging. These ancient artifacts are usually buried deep in the ground, sometimes hidden in layers of rock and hardened sediment. So, if you were walking along the beach and came across a dinosaur footprint, you could consider yourself one of the happiest people on the planet. Marie Woods is one of those people.

Woods, a 29-year-old archaeologist, traveled to the coast of Yorkshire in search of something, but these were not dinosaur fossils. All she was looking for were shells. Instead, she came across a colossal trail believed to be about 165 million years old. The footprint is believed to be a species of theropod, a carnivorous dinosaur standing on two legs, similar to the Tyrannosaurus rex. It’s an amazing discovery, and no one even knew it was there. Well, almost no one.

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Like The good news network reports, regional experts say the discovery is the biggest in the area in more than a decade and a half. The fact that the dinosaur footprint is so huge and well-preserved means that researchers may be able to identify the species after further research. Woods, for his part, is thrilled to have managed to find such a valuable piece of history.

“All I wanted was to grab shells for dinner and I eventually stumbled upon this,” Woods said of her discovery. “I showed my paleontologist friends what I found and none of them saw it. It’s really exciting. ”

But how did she find this massive imprint without someone else noticing it first? Well, she’s not really the first person to discover that. In fact, a year earlier, he was found by a local resident named Rob Taylor who photographed the trail and shared it on Facebook. Unfortunately, it didn’t achieve much grip and the discovery fell off everyone’s radar. Since Woods was already in the field of archeology, it was easier to catch the eye of scientists and now it’s officially a big deal.

Since they both found it at different times, and it was Woods who really drew the attention of the scientific community to it, both Taylor and Woods will share the rights to the discovery. Depending on how things unfold, researchers could study the fossil to determine more about the animal that created it, and then there’s a good chance it will end up in a public exhibit at a museum in the region. Since the fossil was found in Yorkshire and it is such a significant discovery, it is logical that the fossilized footprint would remain in the same area.

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