A positive person COVID-19 caused an outbreak at work, 7 killed and 300 quarantined

In the case of the spread of the COVID virus, a person with asymptomatic coronavirus who went to work caused two epidemics in southern Oregon in the U.S., causing seven deaths and quarantining 300 people. The individual was later tested positive for COVID-19, Douglas County officials said in a government statement. However, the Ministry of Health did not reveal the name of the organization in which the cluster erupted. Fear of subsequent epidemics is suddenly looming, as officials have strictly tested and sought contacts and ordered company employees to restrict movement. The deaths make up 20 percent of the total number of COVID victims in the county.

Warning of “spreading actions” to prevent any other epidemics, Douglas County said such events were “very dangerous” because just one infection can trigger a large local outbreak. Officials cited events such as weddings, church services, Halloween parties, birthday celebrations, poker nights and holiday dinners as ‘spreads’. Further, they issued warnings about gathering holidays, asking the residents of the district “to safely celebrate your holidays and protect you and your family and friends from COVID” and “working from home and celebrating only with the immediate family.” 17 new positive cases from the company’s expansion jumped Douglas County to 1,244, with 13 hospitalizations and a total of 37 coronavirus deaths.

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“Our Douglas County COVID-19 response team, led by the Douglas County Board of Trustees, which manages our local public health, our Douglas County Public Health Officer and the Douglas Public Health Network, continues to dedicate all resources available to our local COVID response, ”officials said in a statement.

County listed as ‘extreme risk’ area

Douglas is listed among 29 Oregon counties that are categorized as ‘extreme risk’ regions. Last week, Gov. Kate Brown extended Oregon’s state of emergency until March 3. “As we approach 100,000 cases of COVID-19 in Oregon, and hospitals and healthcare professionals stretch to extremes, there is no doubt that COVID-19 continues to pose a threat to public health,” Brown told a news briefing. She added that the county lost many Oregonians due to the deadly pandemic.

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