A new advanced imaging center powered by two MuVi and LCS SPIM microscopes

Brucker announced that the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSC) has installed two microscopes with light plates Luxendo MuVi ™ and LCS SPIM (. Funding for two light-plate fluorescent microscopes was supported by Cycle for Survival. The new SPIM microscopes will help researchers visualize cellular and tissue characteristics of cancer and translate that knowledge into better methods of treating cancer.

“By understanding how cells mobilize to build organs, researchers can gain insight into why some cells become carcinogenic and lead to organ destruction,” said Dr. Anna-Katerina Hadjantonakis, Chair of the ISC Biological Development Program. “Instruments like these are useful for recording on a variety of length scales – from subcellular to single cells to tissue-level processes – allowing researchers to study cell dynamics and cell movement, processes that allow cells to metastasize.”

“Light plate fluorescence microscopy has emerged as a uniquely powerful method for high resolution, purified sample and dynamic biological imaging,” added Dr. Lars Hufnagel, vice president and general manager of Bruker’s Luxendo microscope business. “We couldn’t be more pleased that our technology will help major MSK researchers and programs in such an important business.”

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