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Kayode Idowu, Maiduguri

The Livestock Association, the Kulen Allah Livestock Association from Nigeria, criticized the proposed list of livestock breeders in the country.

The association said in a statement Monday to its national president, Khalil Mohammed, that the proposed census agreed by another group, the association of cattle breeders Miyetti Allah of Nigeria, was in a bad light.

Mohammed claimed that the MACBAN leadership initiated a cattle list during a meeting with some southern governors in Akure, Ondo state.

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He stated, “Although we do not oppose the freedom of speech / expression of people in all matters of national interest as enshrined in our well-respected constitution and the United Nations Charter of 1945, but as one of Nigeria’s pastoral stakeholders, who are keenly interested in anything related to the pastoral occupation of the country, we strongly oppose and reject anything that has to do with isolationism or the exclusive counting of any tribe in Nigeria through a cattle / cattle list according to one of our sister associations.

“Our condemnation and sharp objection to the aforementioned capricious or short-sighted counting is related to the following framework reasons: It is the first time in Nigeria’s history that a tribe of over 200 tribes initiates a single count with a reason known only to themselves; cattle breeders will be trapped and torn apart in their homeland by restricting their free movement in their struggle for survival in search of animal pastures and water spots for their livestock. “

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Mohammed regretted that the proposed census denies the constitution of the state, which states that no tribal name will be mentioned during the conduct of any census.

He added that counting and documenting cattle breeders and their livestock at this time of serious unrest will make them see them as criminals in the eyes of other Nigerians.

Mohammed, while stating that the outcome of the census will be disputed by all, said: “Above all, according to Nigeria’s rigid constitution, it is only the National Population Commission that is responsible for conducting the census, not an individual group.

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“Likewise, only the Directorate of Animal Husbandry of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development is responsible for conducting censuses or assessing livestock in the country.”

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