A dark storm on Neptune has changed direction and scientists cannot explain why

Astronomers were surprised to see two storms on Neptune. It is possible that a huge storm on the planet spawned another when it abruptly changed direction. (Image courtesy: NASA, ESA, STScI, MH Wong (University of California, Berkeley) and LA Sromovsky and PM Fry (University of Wisconsin-Madison))

The dark storm on Neptune abruptly changed direction and began to drift away from near-certain death, confusing astronomers.

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope first spotted the 2018 vortex. A year later, a storm began hovering south toward Neptune’s equator, following the path of several storms before it. Usually these dark spots on Neptune live for several years before they either disappear or disappear. However, the storm mysteriously stopped moving south and made a sharp turn, hovering back north. At the same time, astronomers spotted another, smaller dark spot on the planet.