7 British returnees on Telangan positive on Covid-19

Hyderabad, December 24 (IANS): Seven passengers from the United Kingdom in Telangan were tested for Covid-19, state health officials said on Thursday.

Their samples were sent to the Center for Cell and Molecular Biology (CCMB) to determine if they were infected with a new strain of coronavirus.

Officials told State Health Minister Eatali Rajender at an audit meeting that those who tested positive were closely monitored. The health department is also trying to find those who have come in contact with these seven people.

The Minister of Health reviewed the situation after the concern caused by the new strain of coronavirus found in Great Britain.

Officials said 1,200 people had arrived in Telangana either directly from the UK or traveling through the UK since 9 December. The health department identified 846 people and conducted tests on them. Seven of them had a positive test. They said those who were negative were also monitored.

The Minister of Health called on people to be careful, considering the warning of health experts that the new strain of coronavirus can spread quickly.

He urged people to limit Christmas and New Year celebrations to their homes and take all precautions proposed by the government to check for the spread of the virus. He urged people not to forget to wear masks, maintaining social distance and washing their hands often.

Rajender said that, since the vaccine is seen as the only way to remove the fear of coronavirus, the government is taking all measures to ensure the vaccine is given when and when it is available. He talked with officials about arrangements for the transport, storage and distribution of vaccines.

The minister said that 10,000 health workers are being trained to give the vaccine. “If I can vaccinate 100 people, we can give the vaccine to 10 lakh people every day,” he said.

In the first phase, the government prepared a plan to vaccinate people between 70 and 80 lakhs. Medical, police, utility and firefighting staff and the elderly will be covered at an early stage. The second dose must be given 28 days after the first dose.

The minister said that the necessary software for the implementation of the vaccine program is ready because he instructed the officials to ensure the supply of drinking water, tents and chairs in the vaccine centers.

The Minister also asked the officials to make the necessary cold chains without nonsense, supply of vaccines, training of staff and facilities in vaccine centers.

The meeting was also attended by Health Secretary SAM Rizvi, Family Care Commissioner Vakati Karuna, Director of Medical Education Ramesh Reddy, Public Health Director Srinivas Rao, dr. Telangana Medical Infrastructure Development Corporation, dr. Chandrasekhar Reddy, and a member of the expert committee for Covid-19, Gangadhar.