50 cattle breeders with weapons were arrested in 3 countries

File: Stockbreeders (Note, this photo is used to illustrate the story)

Nigerian Security and Civil Defense (NSCDC) operatives have arrested 50 shepherds carrying weapons.

“We have arrested 50 illegally armed shepherds and realized that some of them like the rustling and abduction of cattle,” NSCDC Commander-in-Chief Dr. Ahmed Audi

He made the statement while giving licenses to private custodians.

“Armed cattlemen were arrested in Ekitia, the states of Borno and Cross River, and in some other parts of the country,” he said.

Audi added that the arrest of illegally armed shepherds shortly after his inauguration was an indication of his determination to set the corps up for optimal delivery in his key term.

“It is part of our mandate to resolve disputes between livestock and farmers, and also to provide some security protection to our agro-allied investments,” he said.

Audi stressed the need for synergies between security agencies, noting that national security challenges can essentially be addressed only by sharing intelligence.

He instructed private security operators to make a valuable contribution to ongoing efforts to check for growing insecurity.

Lamenting security challenges, which he said were asymmetric in nature, he assured that everything would be fine when relevant stakeholders adopt unity of purpose as their main goal.

“The nation has been hit by a very serious crisis of insecurity, and that is an asymmetric war.

“If you want to tackle this decisively, you need to synergize with all stakeholders in terms of credible intelligence,” he stressed.

He read the Law on Riots to private security guards and warned that their permits would be revoked if they engaged in unethical practices.

According to him, some of the unethical practices were the adoption of ranks or other tools used by the military or other regular security agencies.

Audi has ordered operators to prioritize the welfare of their keepers in order to achieve optimal results. (NAN)

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