5 best supporting characters presented in GTA Online

It’s no secret that some of the best characters in the GTA game are a supporting role, filled with various personalities. Rockstar Games has always strived to provide players with an unusually diverse set of characters with unique whims that are not just stereotypes.

While the challenge is to avoid such pitfalls in a game that is large and full of characters like GTA Online, Rockstar has been quite successful. GTA Online is home to some of the funniest characters the publisher has ever written, which fans would love to see in other games.

Here are a few supporting characters that debuted in GTA Online.

The five best supporting characters in GTA Online

#5 – Bogdan

Bogdan was initially built to be a big villain of Doomsday Robbery, and every part looked and acted. Towards the end, however, it is revealed that ultimately the protagonist GTA Online and Bogdan are on the same side.

It turned out that the player’s employer, Avon Hertz, devised a devilish scheme to end the life as it was known. Bogdan’s shock reveals that a somewhat positive character in GTA Online was the one who caught the players.

It was also revealed that he is a pretty kind guy, despite his desire to overthrow the government and bring anarchy into the world. But which regular GTA characters don’t share that feeling?

#4 – English Dave

English Dave is very likely one of the funniest characters ever in the GTA series and one that fans can’t get enough of. GTA Online is full to the brim with characters who sporadically appear and drop comic gold. No wonder English Dave manages to stand out as much as he does.

Dave sways on the line between funny and boring in a way that only a few characters can. In the minds of the players, English Dave has been a true successor to Kent Paul since ancient times.

#3 – Agatha Baker

Agatha Baker is easily one of the best parts of Diamond Casino Heist at GTA Online, as her reluctance to violence erodes with every violent act. When she first appeared on GTA Online, her character barely suffers from the idea of ​​violence, which is why she revolves around her fingers around her instructions calling for violence.

Throughout the Diamond Casino Heist arc, players see her evolving and accept her role as someone who has to get her hands dirty. Her transformation into someone who enjoys violence to an embarrassing extent is absolutely ridiculous to witness.

# 2 – Agent 14

Agent 14 is without a doubt one of the most divisible characters in GTA Online as many players found him quite boring. But veterans of GTA Online saw a lack of tact, cunning, or any skill of Agent 14 in trying to continue the proceedings of the hardened criminal.

Agent 14, an IAA secret agent, should never be likable, but it’s hard not to find a guy who’s funny. Always a fun presence during doomsday robbery, Agent 14 never manages to make the players laugh, if for no other reason than their transparent cover that everyone can see.

# 1 – Paul

Pavel is the closest ally of the players when it comes to Cayo Perico Heist in GTA Online, while leading players around the island and Kosatka. Paul seems to have lived an adventurous and excited way similar to Jack Sparrow, as he always seems to have a story of some great adventure in every situation.

Paul is both fun and useful in GTA Online, which is the kind of double threat that makes him stand out as one of the best characters in the game. Fans would love nothing more than to see Pavel return in a future robbery, perhaps even as a crew member.

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Posted April 19, 2021, 11:14 AM IST