48 hours with honorary orchestra 6

Honor Band 6 brings good news for those who want a cheap fitness tracker that doesn’t look cheap.

What it does is not groundbreaking. It tracks your exercise, but your phone needs it for proper location information. It can give you readings of blood oxygen saturation, if not medical.

However, the design and screen technology of the Honor Band 6 is far more advanced than the standard and costs around $ 60, as much as this band costs. Calling it a “band” has sold Honor Band 6 almost insufficiently, as it is a bit more like a bare smartwatch.

Here are a few observations, after using Honor Band 6 for more than 48 hours.

It’s a smartwatch screen with real benefits

Honor Band 6 has the best combination of screen and interface that you can get in such a cheap fitness band. It is a 1.47-inch OLED screen of extremely bold color, flawless contrast and enough pixels to make a fairly large catalog of dials look great.

It’s a big upgrade to Honor Band 5. But the software really stands out. The Honor Band 6 runs software very similar to that of the most expensive Huawei and Honor smartwatches.

Swipe left and right from the clock mask and you’ll see extra pages for your heart rate, stress level, weather, music control, and activity statistics for your day. They transition smoothly, in a way you don’t often see with affordable trackers like this. It is a pleasure to put the experience of using Honor Band 6 on a similar level as something like Fitbit Versa 3.

The relatively large screen is also well used. On the heart rate and stress screens, you will see a chart of readings during the current day.

Beginner fitness trackers are often the kind of things you get attached to and, in addition to looking at the time or number of steps, you leave until you look at the stats on your phone. Honor Band 6 wants to be used much more actively.

Honor Band 6 screen: bad parts

The Honor Band 6 sets the standard for cheap fitness trackers in a number of ways, but lacks automatic brightness. This means you have to go to the Settings menu to change it manually. There are five levels of lighting.

If you want, you can use Honor Band 6 at a default brightness of 3/5. This does the job, both indoors and outdoors. But on bright days it will look a bit blurry and too bright if you wear it in bed and accidentally light up the screen with a wrist movement.

At the given brightness level, the long battery life of 10 to 14 days, which Honor claims, seems like money, two days later.

If there’s one feature that would amplify Band 6 day in and day out, it’s automatic lighting.

Better fitness tracking than Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite

Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite is an obvious rival to the Honor Band 6. It’s cheap, it still has a screen similar to the Apple Watch. And it even looks a lot better on paper because it has Full GPS, which is great considering its low price.

Honor’s Band 6 only has a connected GPS, which means you’ll have to run your phone in walks and walks if you want to see the mapped route. But I think Honor is actually a better versatile tracker.

Its heart rate accuracy is superior. So far, I have used the Honor Band 6 to track one-hour rides, 1.5 walks and between hours. He did a good job on all grounds, unlike Xiaomi. I’d rather have a fitness tracker work a little less and do it well, than overdo it and mess up the basics.

Honor Band 6: One big mistake

There is a very significant bug affecting the Honor Band 6, with at least some Android phones, at launch. Try to start the exercise on the watch itself and it will consistently report that there is no GPS signal from your cell phone.

You need to start the exercise on your own phone to make it work. However, I have already seen this in the Huawei / Honor tracker and it will no doubt be fixed in the update.

Honor Band 6 also seems to turn off if it gets too hot – sitting in direct sunlight for too long.

First impressions

Honor Band 6 sets new standards for cheap fitness bands. It has a great screen, sleek software and – unlike the Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite which looks better on paper – solid heart rate monitoring.

This is not the perfect fitness tracker for people who want to run without their phone. No full GPS. But those who use their cell phone to listen to music or podcasts anyway should consider this compelling little tracker.