4 key women Wilford needs to ride the train

Warning: SPOILERS for Snowpiercer season 2, episode 4, “Single Store”.

To take the train Snowpiercer, Mr. Wilford (Sean Bean) should win any – but preferably all – of these four key passengers to his side. Now that Melanie Cavill (Jennifer Connelly) has left the train to embark on a solo mission, the conflict over control of Snowpiercer focuses entirely on Joseph Wilford aboard the Big Alice and his Great Ark train colleague Andre Layton (Daveed Diggs), who it sticks to its weak command over Snowpiercer and his 2,700 drivers.

Wilford and Layton are both cunning and charismatic leaders, but this has become clear in Snowpiercer Season 2 that the female characters are the most important and influential in the show. Of course, Melanie was the main character (along with Layton) in Snowpiercer season 1; she was the head of catering, but the genius Cavill also secretly operated the entire train for seven years pretending that Mr. Wilford was trapped in the Eternal Engine and speaking on his behalf. However, Melanie lost control of Snowpiercer and ceded authority over the train at the end of Season 1 – just before Mr. Wilford appeared out of the cold on his 40-car supply train, the Big Alice.

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Mr. Wilford had planned for seven years to take revenge on Melanie and return with his super train, but he had to start improvising when he learned that Layton was now leading Snowpiercer, not Cavill. Wilford must have been content to encourage Melanie to continue what she hoped was a suicide mission to the Breslauer Research Station in the Rocky Mountains, where Melanie hopes to prove her theory that the world is getting warmer. Although Wilford rescued and raised Alexandra (Rowan Blanchard), Melanie’s daughter who was forced to leave when she stole Snowpiercer from Wilford, billionaire Messiah is increasingly suspicious that Alex cares more about his mother than she admits. Alex may be out there as Mr. Wilford adjusts his Snowpiercer return operation, but there are still people on the 1,034-car train to win to his side.

On board the Snowpiercer, g. Wilford is forced to find out that there are pockets of support and loyalists who are willing to commit violence on his behalf, like the Train Switch. But the most important people Joseph needs to turn into his ministers are some of the passengers, who have a lot of power and influence in all aspects of the train. Some, like Bess Till (Mickey Sumner) and Zarah (Shiela Vand), are loyal to Layton; Andre fought Till in the Snowpiercer War and created her for a train detective while Zarah carries Layton’s child. But if Mr. Wilford can win the loyalty and service of the next four key women, Snowpiercer is basically his to overcome.

Miss Audrey

Miss Audrey Season 2

Mr. Wilford could be convicted of Alexander by calling Miss Audrey (Lena Hall) his “paramour “, but that’s true, and the Nightcar singer is an immensely influential figure on Snowpiercer. Episode 4, “Simple Trade,” revealed a gruesome past between Wilford and Audrey: She was his exclusive girlfriend from the age of 18 and they enjoyed the complex and disturbing relationship of power games and abuse. Wilford even manipulated Audrey to cut her wrist in a bathtub to give him sexual pleasure, similar to how he persuaded his catering boss Kevin McMann (Tom Lipinsky) to cut his wrists in episode 2, “Smolder to Life”. The seduction games that involve Audrey and Wilford are certainly … unique.

After their private meeting at Nightcar in “The Simple Store,” Layton has reason to doubt Miss Audrey’s assurances that she controls her feelings for Joseph and that she is loyal to Snowpiercer. Mr. Wilford not only procured the hooks in Audrey, they have really been there for the last seven years. But besides love (if Mr. Wilford feels love) and lust, there are other great advantages that Joseph wants Miss Audrey back on his side: she is a liaison to Snowpiercer’s morale and she knows the main players on board the super train well. Like Rick’s Cafe u Casablanca, on Snowpiercer, everyone comes to Nightcar, and many enter Miss Audrey’s private room to alleviate her hidden traumas. Miss Audrey is a powerful force and is a rare celebrity aboard the Snowpiercer. If Mr. Wilford once again transfers Miss Audrey to his side, he gets much more than his paramilitaries.

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Ruth Wardell

Ruth Wardell (Alison Wright) is Snowpiercer’s new head of catering, replacing Melanie Cavill, and Ruth was one of the most excited people when Mr. Wilford came out of the cold unexpectedly alive and well. Season 1 revealed that Wilford Ruth personally recruited to board the Snowpiercer after staying at an inn she ran many years ago, so Wardell owes the billionaire a train ride himself when the world froze. Ruth rude “admire” Mr. Wilford and part of her age for his simplicity “perfect order.”

However, Ruth also stated that her first and most faithful devotion to the train itself and her responsibility as a catering manager is taken incredibly seriously, which is one of her virtues. Ruth also knows everything on board the Snowpiercer – every secret about every passenger – which makes her invaluable because she is also incredibly loyal, unless she feels cheated and made a fool of. The fact that Layton keeps Ruth at her fingertips and excludes her from her intimate circle of trust not only makes Ruth ranked, but it’s also Andre’s big misjudgment. Whoever runs Snowpiercer not only wants to, but also should Ruth on their side, and Mr. Wilford could be the one to give Wardell the gratitude he craves. After all, the zucchini that Ruth proudly wears is already the color of Wilford Industries.

LJ Folger

LJ Folger Snowpiercer

LJ Folger (Annalize Basso) is one of the most dangerous people on Snowpiercer and other travelers don’t take her seriously enough at the moment, which is actually an even bigger advantage for her – and perhaps for Mr. Wilford. The infamous LJ was a first-class traveler who was despised for inciting a series of gruesome murders in Snowpiercer season 1. Lilah Jr. was left an orphan when her parents were separated from the rest of Snowpiercer and left to freeze, along with 170 of their supporters, for attempting a coup on the train. Expelled from first class, LJ was forced to fend for herself in Third, where she became attached to former Brakeman Jon Osweiller (Sam Otto).

However, the resourceful and sociopathic LJ stood on her feet; she and Osweiller joined the Janitorial and LJ found that she liked it, despite the physical work. Being part of the Janitorial team, LJ provides unhindered access to every part of the train, and life in Third is attracted to the Black Market and the criminal underworld of Snowpiercer. Moreover, LJ openly expressed her loyalty to Mr. Wilford when he was invited to first class in episode 2. In fact, it is a wonder that Mr. Wilford had not already tried to cultivate LJ to his side, perhaps using Alex, who LJ hung out with when she escorted Wilford to Night cars. LJ is a deadly weapon just waiting for Mr. Wilford to claim to be his own and free himself.

Josie Wellstead

Snowpiercer Josie Wellstead

Josie Wellstead (Katie McGuinness) is not only miraculously alive, but she is to the end Snowpiercer episode 4, she is already in the clutches of Mr. Wilford aboard the Big Alice. But does billionaire Mesiah know who Josie has? Wellstead was part of the Rap and became Layton’s love interest. More importantly, Josie became a revolutionary after Layton left Tail and became a detective on the train, and she served as a spy in Third Class and launched Tail toward the war against Snowpiercer. However, Melanie thought she killed Josie in Season 1 of Snowpiercer, but Wellstead survived exposure to the outside air, even though it severely damaged her frostbite and she missed her right arm.

Layton allowed Josie to be transferred to Big Alice so she could undergo Headwood’s experiments to cure her of frostbite. Josie agreed to spy on the great Alice and inform Layton of her findings by pipeline between the two trains. But what happens if Josie heals Headwoods? Would a return to the original state by the same procedure that gives Icy Bob (Andre Tricoteux) his cold immunity turn Josie’s loyalty to the man who accomplished it all, Mr. Wilford? Even in today’s state, Josie is extremely well connected to Snowpiercer’s lower classes, plus she and Layton still feel for each other. If Mr. Wilford realizes who the woman wrapped in bandages is in his medical lab, it would be wise to warn Josie of his goal of destroying Layton and recapturing it. Snowpiercer1,034 cars long.

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