2021 The global launch of LG OLED, QNED and NanoCell TVs begins

Last month, LG was heavily flooded with an almost inexhaustible number of TVs that consumers could choose from this year. From the OLED QNED Mini LED to the NanoCell LCD, LG has a TV for almost every size, technology and need. These TVs will be available worldwide from this quarter, and LG is briefly reminding consumers what makes this generation of smart TVs special.

For the Z1, G1, C1, B1 and A1 OLED TV series, the highlight is LG’s new “OLED evo” technology. LG doesn’t really dive deep into what makes this “evolution” special, but it all comes down to achieving higher peak brightness to create vibrant images with more visible detail.

Most new TVs also share a new α (Alpha) 9 Gen 4 processor that brings with it what LG calls “AI Picture Pro”. In short, this uses AI and machine learning to recognize objects and characters on the screen so that each of them is processed separately and, if necessary, pops up each. This goes hand in hand with earlier AI Sound Pro technology that applies the same intelligence to transform two-channel sound into virtual 5.1.2 surround sound at no additional hardware cost.

For smart TVs in the group, there is also the new webOS 6.0, which greatly overhauls the user interface inherited from Palm and HP back. Some old webOS fans may not be so entertained by the changes, but LG promises a more personalized and simpler experience, especially with the new Magic Remote which has a dedicated key for the most popular streaming services.

LG has a multitude of TV models for each group, with the C1 offering the most options for OLEDs, and the NanoCell 8K and 4K for LCDs. The company has not yet announced prices for all of these nor which markets will have which model, but they will be announced closer to local availability.