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From understanding the map, earning bonus points, using the vehicle to your advantage to running down the horde, and even completing side activities like the Dragon Relic, we’ve covered you in our comprehensive guide to success in the latest zombie mode, outbreak.

Quick tips and tricks

  • Look for the Star icon on your map because this indicates your main goal – which can be one of five possible goals. Without fulfilling the main goal, you will not be able to move to the next region.
  • It is easy to catch you in the attack, so take full advantage of the available upgrades on the field. While there are a bunch of these special abilities on offer, we’ve found that the Healing Aura – especially as you upgrade its various levels – will be an essential ability of your team. Not only will it revive all your broken teammates, but it will also heal you.
  • Not enough ammunition? Look for bullet icons that appear on your mini-map to find boxes of ammunition around the map.
  • Don’t be afraid to spice things up! Teams with different charges have been shown to be much more successful than others using the same weapons, charges and upgrades in the field.

  • Don’t underestimate any zombies left behind, because more often than not one zombie you’ve decided to keep alive while continuing to explore nearby buildings or while using like Pack-a-Punch or Arsenal Machine eventually becomes Death’s surprise to you You will find how easy it is to be caught and swarm quickly.

Crowd zombies during the early difficulty levels for bonus points

Much like the standard zombie mode, Outbreak offers extra points for meleeing zombies; while it’s not a massive bonus, any extra points on first run will help you unlock upgrades faster.


Keep in mind that zombie knives are not necessarily an effective strategy after another difficulty, unless you have managed to earn enough points to justify hitting with a green combat knife or a rare one. Although you will be able to kill the most enemies with the upgrade, you will fight against the Elite and Special Zombies, which are becoming much more common.

Alternatively, if you have to use a weapon, try targeting head shots as they will also bring you extra points.

Teamwork makes a dream work

Success in an epidemic comes down to teamwork. Without communication, your team will be overwhelmed quickly, and meeting goals will become significantly more difficult than necessary.So, if you’re playing with a random team or even a group of friends, be sure to get in touch and start making coordinated calls that include asking for help, calling for loot, side activities, and more.

If you’re fighting for success with random teams when your friends aren’t online, we recommend sticking to a dedicated solo playlist for Outbreak. Not only will this provide you with much-needed practice, but it will greatly facilitate your overall disease outbreak experience.

It captures everything possible

Don’t chase around different worlds as it will be of great benefit to you by sticking to and looting the different areas that each map offers. This will become completely clear to you when you start researching each map, as you will begin to find hidden chests of loot inside buildings and other random locations that contain everything from rare weapons, debris, ammunition, armor, and even supplies.Although these loot chests are not marked on your mini-map, they can be found by listening to a bell-like sound, followed by children’s laughter. If you manage to hear this noise, it will mean that prey can be found somewhere nearby.

However, these chests come in a variety of rarities, so don’t be surprised if you need to look a little before you come across rarer chests.

Buy armor as soon as possible

As you start to open more and more boxes of booty, you will quickly start collecting a rather impressive collection of rescue. You will have to make full use of this waste by buying armor from Arsenal machines that can be found on the entire map.

These machines are red and gray and have a standing model wearing armor. As you progress through the waves and different regions, the game will begin to noticeably increase difficulty, and armor will be necessary if you plan to survive.

Armor isn’t the only upgrade you can buy, as you can also buy weapon damage, which we’ve found to be more powerful than weapon packaging. While armor should always be your top priority, we would definitely recommend upgrading damage to your weapon once you have enough spare points.

Vehicles are not just for traveling from point A to point B

Although vehicles like the Sedan and Light Truck will make it easier to explore large maps of the Outbreak, they are also extremely useful for running through hordes of Zombies. While it will get damaged over time, finding a new vehicle for you and your team shouldn’t be too much of a hassle as we’ve found that they spawn quite often on different maps.Plus, if you want to knock down at least 100 zombies with your vehicle, you’ll meet the Dark Ops challenge. If you complete all nine challenges, you will unlock the unique “Gray Matter” sniper rifle design. For more details on how to unlock each of Dark Ops ’9 challenges in an epidemic, check out our complete guide below:

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